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Jackie B.

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Consultant, Partner

Ana S. 


Ana earned a Bachelor's degree in pedagogy from Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ) in 2006. Ana received certification in multiple areas, including early and elementary education, youth and adult education, special education, corporate and third sector education (NGOs), and school administration. Ana's working experience includes teaching early and elementary classes in international and traditional schools in Brazil and the United States. In 2018, Ana started her path as an applied behavior analysis (ABA) professional by providing therapy to individuals with autism. She obtained her Master's degree in Low Incidence Disabilities and Autism at Sam Houston State University in 2020. Ana earned her BCBA in 2022 and is excited to serve as many clients and families with the utmost quality of care. 

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Clinical Administrator, Senior BCBA

Irene N. 


​Irene started her career in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in 2017. Irene recevied her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Masters in Special Education with an emphasis in ABA. Irene has practiced ABA in Houston for six years, specializing in supporting children ages 2-8 in decreasing maladaptive behaviors such as noncompliance, aggression, self-injurious behavior, elopement, property destruction, and inappropriate language. And developing new/replacement skills such as communication, social, play/group, gross/fine motor, visual performance, coping skills, and adaptive living skills through early intervention therapy. Irene's skill set in implementing techniques of Naturalistic Teaching Environment (NET), Discrete Trial Training (DTT), Positive Reinforcement, child-led with consent and assent and altering the environment to support the child ability to learn their best. Irene is passionate about the field of ABA and uses her expertise to help families and professionals realize the true potential of children and youth. It is a core value to ensure she provides the best quality of therapy to all children she serves. 


HR Generalist 

Oralio C. 


Oralio began his career in applied behavior analysis (ABA) in 2015. Oralio is a native Houstonian and attended the University of Houston-Downtown and obtained his Bachelor's in Psychology. After completing his undergraduate degree he began working with clients on the autism spectrum disorder in October of 2015. Oralion then took courses towards his BCaBA. However, he transitioned into the Human Resources role and has since developed his skills in the field. Oralio obtained his Master of Arts in Industrial/Organizational Psychology in 2018. Oralio is passionate about helping clients on the ASD spectrum and assisting with business needs. Oralio will soon sit for his BCaBA exam and looks forward to pursuing his certification as a SHRM-SCP in the future. 


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